Glycemic Index of Amra or Hogs Palm

Amra has a GI of 24. The fruit is very adaptable and has a high nutritional content. Either raw or cooked consumption is possible. It is impossible to discount the medicinal benefits of the amla tree, whose bark, leaves, and stem are employed in Ayurveda. The fruit’s high glycemic index aids in lowering the risk of cardiovascular illnesses. When it comes to diet, the key to preventing diabetes or any other chronic illness is to spread the number of carbohydrates consumed throughout the day and properly control blood sugar levels. Nevertheless, one cup of chopped hog plum has a glycemic load of approximately 4.42, making it an incredibly beneficial food to eat at any time of the day.

Glycemic Index of Hogs Plum
Glycemic Index of Hogs Plum

Is Hogs Palm Safe for Diabetes?

Although there isn’t any actual research on the consequences of eating Amra if you have diabetes, there is evidence that doing so won’t result in higher blood glucose levels. Amra’s GL is quite low. If you have diabetes, you can eat one entire Amra because it has a very low GL of 2.35, which won’t significantly raise your blood sugar levels. If you follow a strict low-carb diet, you can eat amra. But you also need to consider how much fruit you’re eating in each serving. We advise you to limit your amra intake to 200 g each serving.

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Is Hogs Palm suitable for weight loss?

Yes, Hogs Palm can be suitable for weight loss. It aids in the body’s efficient and sufficient removal of water (fluid) through urination, which is thought to aid in lowering the level of salt (sodium) in the body and so lower the risk of high blood pressure.

Because it contains flavonoids, quinoline, anthraquinones, sesquiterpenes, and other compounds, it has been utilized locally in many tropical countries as a malaria treatment and as an alternative to fever medication. It also possesses fibrillation properties.

What is the Best time to Consume Hogs Palm?

Amra is best used before a filling breakfast or lunch in order to stimulate the stomach’s digestive juices and aid in the easy digestion of meals.

Amra fruits, which are abundant in vitamin A, can be frequently consumed as a component of a diet to assist improve health eyesight in both children and adults. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and other vision issues in later life can be reduced by regularly eating ripe June plums, pressing the pulp into a juice, or putting a few slices into a salad.

The Bottom Line: The Glycemic Index of Hogs Palm is 24

In addition to boosting immunity, vitamin C promotes healthy skin, hastens wound healing, and counteracts the negative effects of free radicals. Iron protects against anaemia and is particularly advantageous for females. Additionally, it aids in the production of haemoglobin and the movement and distribution of oxygen throughout the body.

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Amra is an excellent source of vitamin A, which supports healthy skin, eyes, and other critical organs. Regular consumption of amra, which is also high in calcium, will ensure that your bones are strong, that your heart and muscles are healthy, and that you don’t develop osteoporosis. Amra’s Vitamin B helps digestion, brain function, cell health, and energy levels while also promoting excellent cell metabolism, which is essential for health.