Glycemic Index of Chickpeas or Chane

The glycemic index of chickpeas varies from 33 to 36.  Chickpeas are an excellent source of protein. For those with lifestyle diseases, chickpeas are a safer option because they have a low glycemic index of 33 and a low glycemic load of only 6, respectively. About 100 calories are included in 30 g of chickpeas, which can be added to salads to make them protein-rich. You can mix and bake your chickpeas with a dash of oil and salt as a healthy snack. A quick and simple recipe is the chickpea avocado sandwich. You can consume a healthy sandwich as a whole meal. Make a tasty mixture of fresh avocado and boiled and mashed chickpeas, add some seasonings, dressing, and lime, and sandwich the filling between two slices of toasted brown bread.

Are Chickpeas Safe for Diabetics?

Your blood sugar levels are significantly impacted by carbohydrates. Therefore, it’s important to regularly monitor your carb intake. One such legume with a low glycemic index is chickpeas (33). Despite having a lot of carbohydrates, chickpeas’ strong fiber content prevents your blood sugar from rising too quickly. Your blood sugar levels will be stabilized by chickpeas’ protein content. But keep in mind that portion size is very important for regulating your blood sugar levels. So be careful not to overdo it.

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Glycemic Load of Chickpeas
Glycemic Load of Chickpeas

Are Chickpeas Suitable for Weight Loss?

Chickpeas’ high fiber levels will allow you to chew your food for longer, which will signal your brain to cease overeating. Consequently, you will feel full. You receive 8.4 g of fiber from 30 g of chickpeas, which can help you regulate your appetite and prevent you from snacking on high-calorie foods in between meals. Chickpeas have about 100 calories per 30 gms, making them a great addition to meals to stave off hunger. Putting a few chickpeas into salads and experimenting with different hummus flavors, such as spinach, garlic, and thecha, are a few healthy possibilities.

What is the Best Time to Consume Chickpeas?

Chickpeas or any other food high in carbohydrates can be consumed as a pre-wake supplement rather than a full meal.

The Bottom Line: The Glycemic Index of Chickpeas is 36. 

Protein, which is essential for the health of bones, muscles, and the skin, is one of many nutrients found in chickpeas. A dish of chickpeas and rice, for instance, can add a large quantity of protein to the diet for people who do not consume meat or who are reducing their meat intake. Close to one-third of an adult’s daily protein requirements are met by a cup of chickpeas.