Glycemic Load of Strawberry- Is Strawberry High in Sugar?

The level of carbohydrates present in food with the pace with which it causes a rise in your blood glucose levels is called the Glycemic Load. A simple way of making healthier diet choices is following the Glycemic Index. It helps in comparison with the alternative sources of nutrients according to your blood glucose levels. Glucose leads to a higher blood glucose response in comparison to fructose.

The strawberries that we eat today are a hybrid of two wild strawberry species from North America and Chile. These are juicy, red in color, and sweet. The International GI Tables have shown that strawberry has a GI of 41, which is slightly high. They are rich in antioxidants and plant compounds that have several benefits for our heart health and help control blood sugar levels.

Strawberry is a fruit that everyone loves, and it comprises healthy nutrients like

  • Fiber
  • Vitamin C
  • Manganese
  • Folate
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin E
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorous

How to Calculate Glycemic Load of Strawberry?

The standard Glycemic index of strawberries is 41. The high glycemic index of the fruit helps in reducing the risks related to cardiovascular diseases. If we want to talk about diet, the key to prevent diabetes or any chronic illness is to distribute the carbohydrate consumption content throughout the day and manage the sugar levels in the body correctly—however, the glycemic load for one cup of chopped strawberry= 4.5 approximately which makes it an extremely favorable food to be added on any low-carb salads.

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The Formula/Procedure For Calculation of Glycemic Index of the Strawberry : 

GL = GI * carbs / 100


  • GL – glycemic load;
  • GI – glycemic index;
  • and carbs – the amount of carbohydrates in the portion.
1.100 g of Strawberry3.3 (low)
2.250 g of Strawberry8.25 (low)
3.500 g of Strawberry 16.5 (medium)
4.1 Kg of Strawberry33 (high)
5.One Whole Strawberry 0.37 (very low)
6.1 Cup of Strawberry (150 g)4.5 (low)

Is Strawberry Safe to Consume If You Have Diabetes? 

On digestion of carbs, our bodies break them down into simple sugars, and it is released into your bloodstream. The bloodstream then secretes insulin which tells your cell to pick up sugar and store it as fuel. Diabetes and not balancing blood sugar levels lead to an increased risk of obesity and heart disease. Strawberry makes the glucose digestion process slower, which reduces the spike in both glucose and insulin. Strawberry has shown to be effective in preventing and helping with diabetes.

Can I Eat Strawberry During a Fat-Loss Diet?

You can consume strawberries during a strict fat-loss diet. However, for best results, you must avoid having more than 250 g of strawberries in one serving.

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  • A 250g serving of strawberries has a GL of 8.25 which quite low and in permissible levels.
  • Strawberry as a salad ingredient is premissible in a fat-loss diet.

Can I Eat Strawberry During a Low-Carbohydrate Diet?

You can eat strawberry during a strict low-carb diet. Even though strawberry is known to be rich in carbs, they are healthy, and it is best to be mindful about the quantity you consume. We suggest you not consume more than 200 g of strawberry per servings.

Is Strawberry High in Sugar?

100 g of strawberry has 8 g of carbohydrate and 4.9 g of sugar. So, essentially strawberry is very low on sugar and is an excellent fruit that you can consume daily. It is low in calories, absolutely delicious, and healthy.