Glycemic Load of Green Peas- Are Green Peas High in Sugar?

The measure of the content of carbohydrates present in food along with the rapidity with which it increases your blood sugar levels is called the Glycemic Load. An easy way of eating healthy is following the Glycemic Index. It helps you compare better sources of nutrients according to your blood sugar levels. Glucose shows a high blood glucose response in comparison with fructose.

Green peas are known to be healthy and nutritious. The International GI Tables show that they have the Glycemic Index of 51. Peas have a good amount of fiber and antioxidants. Research shows that peas protect against chronic illnesses. It is from the legume family and has a rather high carb content, and is usually consumed as a starchy vegetable.

Peas come from the legumes family and have several healthy nutrients like:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Thiamine 
  • Folate
  • Manganese
  • Phosphorous 
  • Fiber & Iron

How to Calculate Glycemic Load of Green Peas?

The standard Glycemic index of Green Peas is 51. The high glycemic index of the fruit helps in reducing the risks related to cardiovascular diseases. If we want to talk about diet, the key to prevent diabetes or any chronic illness is to distribute the carbohydrate consumption content throughout the day and manage the sugar levels in the body correctly— Green peas are an ideal addition to your diet and can be accompanied by brown rice, stir vegetables, and more.

Glycemic Load of Green Peas
Glycemic Load of Green Peas

The Formula/Procedure For Calculation of Glycemic Index of Green Peas: 

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GL = GI * carbs / 100


  • GL – glycemic load;
  • GI – glycemic index;
  • and carbs – the amount of carbohydrates in the portion. 
1.100 g of Green Peas7.1 (low)
2.200 g of Green Peas14.2 (medium)
3.250 g of Green Peas17.75 (medium)
4.500 g of Green Peas35.5 (high)
5.1 Kg of Green Peas71 (high)
6.1 Cup of Green Peas (150 g)10.65 (low)

Are Green Peas Safe to Consume If You Have Diabetes? 

Green peas have several nutritional properties that can help support your blood sugar levels. It can actively help regulate your blood sugar levels. Green peas also contain fiber and protein, which help control blood sugar. Fiber makes the absorption of carbs slower, which leads to a slower rise in blood sugar levels and not an instant spike. Studies show that consuming protein-rich food helps stabilize sugar in people who have type-2 diabetes.

Can I Eat Green Peas During a Fat-Loss Diet?

You can eat peas on a strict fat-loss diet. If you are looking for good results, you should avoid having more than 100g of peas in one serving.

  • A 100 g serving of pea has a GL of 7.1 which is in the permissible levels.
  • About 200 g or more of peas is something which shoud be taken rarely if you are on a fat-loss diet.
  • Peas as an ingredient in dishes is premissible in a fat-loss diet.
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Can I Eat Green Peas During a Low-Carbohydrate Diet?

One can consume peas when one is on a low-carbohydrate diet. However, the portion size of what you consume is something that you need to take into account. We suggest you not consume more than 100 g of peas per serving.

Are Green Peas High in Sugar?

100 g of pea has only 6 g of sugar and 14 g of carbohydrates. Peas are very low on sugar and do not increase your blood glucose levels. This is a great vegetable to consume in moderation.

  • Peas due to its low carbohydrate content is better than many other vegetables.
  • You can include peas in your diet, and it has a range of health benefits.