Glycemic Load of Tofu: Is Tofu High in Sugar?

The value assigned to a food item based on its carbohydrate content along with the rapidity with which it increases one’s blood glucose levels is Glycemic Load. A simpler way of choosing healthier alternatives is just by following the Glycemic Index, which compares and shows alternative sources of nutrients according to your blood glucose levels. Glucose has a relatively higher blood glucose response in comparison to fructose.

Made of soybean curds, tofu is gluten-free, low in calories, and an excellent source of iron and calcium. It is high in protein and a significant source for vegans. It contains nutrients that contribute to overall health and being. The International GI standard suggests that the Glycemic Index of tofu is just 15. This points at how it does not increase one’s blood glucose and can be added to your diet.

Tofu has a very neutral flavor that allows it to be cooked in several ways. It is also packed with nutrients like:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium
  • Zinc
  • Folate

How to Calculate Glycemic Load of Tofu?

The standard Glycemic index of tofu is 15. The high glycemic index of the foods helps in reducing the risks related to cardiovascular diseases. If we want to talk about diet, the key to prevent diabetes or any chronic illness is to distribute the carbohydrate consumption content throughout the day and manage the sugar levels in the body correctly—however, the glycemic load for one cup of Tofu is 0.345 approximately and it also has a good amount of protein.

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Glycemic Load of Tofu
Glycemic Load of Tofu

The Formula/Procedure For Calculation of Glycemic Index of the Watermelon : 

GL = GI * carbs / 100


  • GL – glycemic load;
  • GI – glycemic index;
  • and carbs – the amount of carbohydrates in the portion. 
1.100 g of Tofu 0.285 (very low)
2.250 g of Tofu0.7125 (very low)
3.500 g of Tofu1.425 (very low)
4.1 Kg of Tofu2.85 (very low)
5.One Block of Tofu1.32 (very low)
6.1 Cup of Tofu (150 g)0.345 (low)

Is Tofu Safe to Consume If You Have Diabetes? 

Several types of research have shown that people with diabetes could benefit from adding tofu to their diets. Soy isoflavones boost blood sugar control and improve insulin sensitivity and blood fats which reducing heart disease risk. Tofu has shown a very positive result in blood sugar control. Also, given that it has such a low glycemic load, you can add tofu to your regular diet.

Can I Eat Tofu During a Fat-Loss Diet?

You can eat tofu during a strict fat-loss diet. You can easily incorporate about 200 g of tofu into your meals.

  • Tofu is rich in protein which is said to aid weight loss.
  • 250g of tofu has a Glycemic Load of 0.7125 g, which is allowed.
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Can I Eat Tofu During a Low-Carbohydrate Diet?

You can have Tofu when you are following a strict low-carbohydrate diet. It has very little carb content, so it should not be a problem if you add 200 g of tofu to your meal.

Is Tofu High in Sugar?

100 g of tofu has 0.4 g of sugar and 1.9 g of grams. It is very low in sugar and carbs and is an excellent food item to incorporate into your diet. It is so versatile and has so many health benefits. It is a complete source of dietary protein.